My First Woven Wall Hanging

This past weekend I finally finished my first woven wall hanging. Overall I am pretty happy with it, especially for my first try.

Of course, looking at it closely I can see a few issues (the roving isn't woven 100% correctly and the top is woven too tight). But these mistakes will be on my mind for my next wall hanging, which I'll be starting on this weekend!

If you remember from my first post about weaving, the kit that I bought didn't have the greatest instructions for a beginner. So, I spent a ton of time on YouTube watching video after video on weaving on a lap loom. It probably would have been more helpful if I had watched some videos before I started weaving, but you live and learn.

If weaving is something you are interested in trying this year and you want to make a quick and simple wall hanging, below is a list of what I used to get my weaving underway.



I think my next wall hanging is going to be a bit wider and without roving. The roving gave me lots of issues. This one is a little too small for my wall, but it does make me smile every time I see it in my living room.