15 Free Crochet Watermelon Patterns

May 23, 2017

With Memorial Day just a few days away it is time to start preparing for the dog days of summer. It gets super hot down here in the South, and one way to beat the heat is with a cool slice of watermelon.

I've compiled 15 super cute and totally FREE crochet watermelon patterns to get you ready for summer fun!

Don't know how to crochet yet? Why not check out a crochet course on Creativelive or Craftsy? Creativelive offers weekly FREE live online classes and Craftsy offers several beginner crochet courses.

1. Watermelon Bunting

2. So Juicy!


3. Crochet Tutti Frutti Potholders

4.  Watermelon Turtles

5. Fruit Bags

6. Watermelon Coin Purse

7. Watermelon Place Mat Set

8. Watermelon Crochet Pouch

9. Little Juicy Watermelons

10. Watermelon Potholder

11. Watermelon Earrings

12. Wedge of Watermelon

13. Watermelon Tablet Case

14. Watermelon Slice Scrubby

15. Watermelon Slice

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