Yarn Palette: Seasonal Serving

May 05, 2017

If July is the start of Christmas crafting I guess May is the start of fall crafting. It is never too soon to start crafting for fall, right? That is why I chose the Seasonal Serving palette from Design Seeds for May.

New York White: Hometown USA
Los Angeles Tan: Hometown USA
Las Vegas Gold: Hometown USA
Norfolk Merlot: Hometown USA
Chicago Charcoal: Hometown USA
Washington Denim: Hometown USA

I chose an acrylic super bulky 6 yarn for this month's palette. All of the yarn is Hometown USA from Lion Brand Yarn.

I absolutely love the colors for this palette and the names are cute too! Even though it is only May, cooler temperatures will be around the corner in no time. I thought it might be a good time to start crafting some heavier pieces. The first thing I think of crocheting for the fall is an afghan or scarf. And don't forget the kitties. They need to keep warm too in a new bed.

As always, if there is a color combo from Design Seeds that you’d like for me to match to yarn, just leave me a comment on this color palette post or shoot me an email.

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