Flashback Friday: Felt Heart Shaped Cookies

June 09, 2017

Here is a little Flashback Friday for y'all.

I can't believe it has been 5 years since this little pattern was published. Pretty crazy! This felt heart cookie set was one of my best sellers in my original Etsy shop, Crafts by Alice. The shop was centered around Alice in Wonderland so I made these for the Queen of Hearts. I miss that shop!

I can't remember exactly how it came about but I found out that the Simply Handmade magazine was looking for Valentine's Day themed patterns/tutorials for their 2012 edition. I think the cutoff for submissions was only about a week from when I found out about it, so I whipped up the instructions and materials list in no time and sent everything off to the publisher. A few weeks later I was emailed that my design had been chosen and to mail them a handmade set for photography.

About 6 months later when the magazine was published I received a copy for myself. I have to tell you it felt pretty awesome when I opened up the magazine and saw my heart cookies in the pages. It was even sweeter when I went to Barnes and Noble and Joann Fabric and found the magazine!

Unfortunately, the magazine that it was published in, Simply Handmade, is no longer available. They stopped printing a few years later, but you can still find some used copies on Ebay or Amazon.

Cookies Coming Soon to my Etsy Shop

As a final farewell to my felt food goodies, I will be adding a few sets of my felt heart shaped cookies to my Etsy shop, Retro Girl Design. This will be the last time I make these guys for my Etsy shop. They were always a BIG seller for me. I've heard they make the perfect gift for your next tea party!

While my Etsy shop is officially open with some of my yarn and craft supplies, Yay!, the play food won't be hitting the shop until mid-July. So if you want to be the first to know be sure you are signed up for my email list. You can sign up at the top of my blog sidebar.

Poll Question

Also, if you would take a minute and scroll a bit further down on my sidebar and answer my poll question I'd appreciate it. You've probably noticed that I've been trying a few different kinds of blog posts recently. I'm trying to see which you prefer and would like to see more of. I'm pretty sure everyone likes the monthly yarn palette posts, but the others are still up in the air.

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