Contest Update

September 21, 2008
Well, I’m bummed that I didn’t win the Indie Fixx contest, but thanks to all of you who voted for me. I appreciate it!

So much for no more contests! I have decided to enter two items in the Dabbled Halloween contest, as you can see in the the little button on my sidebar. I actually won the Anti-Valentine’s Day contest back in February and am really excited to enter two more spooky crafts. I am sticking with my previous theme, poison, but changing it up just a little for both of my entries!

Here is the first:

“Something for your sweet tooth!”

The second entry requires a little more work, so it is still in the process of being crafted, but my little poison lollipops are done and will be available in the shop on October 1. I am not sure if I am going to sell them separate or combined with something else, so stay tuned for that.

That is all for now!


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