To Do List: Shopping, Eating, and Crafting

November 26, 2008

Anyone else getting ready for the big shopping weekend? I am prepared to brave the cold and the crowds in search of the perfect DVD/VCR player. Mine broke months ago, and after this weekend and all of the dishes I made for my family cookbook I will need to start watching and participating in my Winsor Pilates again.

I also ran out of batteries last night. Ugh! That is always the way it is when you need to take pictures of something. So, batteries are on my shopping list too. I did manage to squeeze in a picture of one of my finished Christmas ornaments.

My little crocheted candy cane was made using PlanetJune’s pattern. It was super easy and took about 10 minutes to do. I love all of her patterns, especially the paint set!

I also finished Futuregirl’s seahorse ornament, but my batteries died before I got a good picture. I’ll post that one next week.

I hope to finish up two of the three remaining handmade Christmas items this weekend too. That will only leave my grandmother’s afghan, which I think I’ll still be working on in the plane!

To all of you living in the U.S.A., have a Happy Thanksgiving! And to everyone outside the U.S.A., have a nice weekend!
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