Craft Room Revamp #1 – Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

November 16, 2009
I’ve been working on several renovation projects lately. Nothing too fancy, I gave up on my dining room chairs and bought new white chairs, but I had a few items in my craft room/office that needed a little sprucing up.

The first of my three projects was finished last weekend. It was simple, to revamp my bulletin board. My old bulletin board was just a plain brown cork board with a small wooden frame, like this one. I wanted to redo it into one of those really neat fabric covered boards, so that is what I did.

I have been wanting to add a little color to my craft room/office since I painted it a year and a half ago. Again, just a little behind on my projects. 🙂 The walls are cotton candy pink and the valance is pink, dark pink, green, and light blue with flowers on it. I needed a bright color, so I decided to go with cherry red.

I found a really cheap frame ($1) at the Goodwill and painted it with cherry red paint. For some reason I still have a phobia about using spray paint. I think it is because I don’t have a garage so I would have to do it outside in my backyard. I was so afraid I would get dust, dirt, or leaves in my spray paint, so I opted for good old fashioned paint brush painting.

The frame took three coats of craft paint, since the original frame was a gross gold, brass color. The only thing I wish I had done differently was buy a glossy paint, because the red looks really flat. It still turned out nice though.

Next, I pulled the bulletin board away from the wooden frame. I am pretty amazed that the frame is the exact size of the bulletin board. I didn’t do that on purpose, but boy am I glad it worked out that way!

I then went through my fabric bin to see if I had anything that would work with the red frame. I found some red, pink, and green flowered fabric that I had bought a year ago at Walmart. I had totally forgotten about it. I cut the fabric a little larger than the size of the bulletin board, so it would have some extra to fold over the back of the bulletin board and taped, yes taped, the fabric to the back of the bulletin board. I used clear packing tape and it worked like a charm.

The final step was to put the fabric bulletin board into the frame. I just slipped it right in, pushed the staples down to secure the board and, again, taped the board to the back of the picture frame.

That’s it! A brand new fabric framed bulletin board for $4.00!!! I just love a bargain craft, don’t you?
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