Yarn Along: Pippa Patchwork Blanket Week 1

February 8, 2017
It has been quite some time since I’ve joined the Yarn Along. I’m looking forward to joining again with weekly or bi-monthly posts. 
Reading This week 
I am reading Living Well Spending Less by Ruth Soukup. Along with purging my house, I am putting myself on a strict budget. Something I will get into a little more next week. This is one of five books I checked out from the library on the subject. 
I am only about 50 pages from being done and have learned quite a bit about myself and my spending habits, as well as ways to budget and rethink buying things I don’t need. I also love that each chapter includes Bible verses that pertain to the chapter’s content. This book is a Christian book produced by the Christian publisher, Zondervan. If that is not up your alley you will probably want to skip it.
I’ve finally started my new living room throw. I chose the super cute Pippa Patchwork Baby Blanket pattern by Little Doolally. My two favorite things to crochet are scarves and blocks/squares and this pattern is nothing but squares! 
I’m also thrilled that I get to use my new Amour crochet hook from Clover. I got several different sizes before Christmas, but haven’t been able to put them use. . .until now!
I know a lot of people like to be challenged when they crochet, but not me! I like to be able to put on Hulu, pick up my crochet, and go to town without thinking about what I am doing. Most of the blocks are solid colors, which will be perfect for TV watching, but there are also a few patterned ones that will be a bit more challenging and require more attention.

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