What’s Happening Wednesday: Black Cat Cross-Stitch

June 14, 2017

I have been cross-stitching since I was a little girl and I had never heard of a stitch minder until last year when a friend of mine showed me one she had made. What makes a stitch minder special is the magnet on the back. It keeps the needle in place. I just always stuck my needle in my fabric, which I guess is a big no-no!

I picked up this adorable wood stitch minder on the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery website. Isn’t it too sweet? I just love it. It is the Happily Ever After Stitch Minder and is one of their limited edition items. The pumpkins on the books was too cute. And I love the names of the books. Pride and Pumpkin is my favorite!

Reading This Week 
I am still reading The Spender’s Guide to Debt-Free Living to get ready for the Saving Diet in a few weeks, but I also started a new fiction book, The Sweet Smell of Magnolias and Memories by Celeste Fletcher McHale:

Jacey and Colin shared the three most intense days of their lives together, waiting for help as Mississippi floodwaters surrounded them. Jacey knew Colin was the love of her life—until her rescue boat went under water, along with Colin’s last name and pieces of Jacey’s memory.

The last thing she remembered was being submerged in water. Again. . .

This is not a book I would normally read, but a story about a natural disaster intrigues me.


It may seem crazy, but I started this little cross-stitch over ten years ago. I had envisioned giving everyone a black cat Christmas ornament the year after I adopted Drusilla but never got around to it. I found it while I was cleaning out my craft room in April.

It is almost done now. I just have to cross-stitch the eyes and figure out what I’m going to use for the backing. It will be hanging on my Christmas tree this year in rememberance of Drusilla. I think I’ll make another one for Daphne too, so I will have a matching pair. 🙂

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