30-Day Minimalism Game

August 2, 2017

I wanted to pop in and share with y’all a new challenge I came across on Facebook. The 30-Day Minimalism Game is hosted by The Minimalists. I first heard about them while watching their Netflix movie, which is awesome. I don’t have Netflix right now, so I’m not sure if it is still on there but if it is you have to watch it. It is very inspiring!

The goal for this challenge is to get rid of as many items as the day of the month. For example, on the first of the month you get rid of one item, on the second you get rid of two items, etc. You can sell, donate, or throw away your item(s), but they must be out of the house by the end of the day. That is the tricky part and one that I’ll be blurring the lines a bit. I usually only go to the Goodwill once a week. Also, it is going to get tricky once it gets into the middle of the month.

This challenge officially started yesterday, but it will be really easy for y’all to jump right in.

I am working on the challenge along with my best friend. They recommend you play along with a challenge partner to keep you on track. She is ready to get rid of some of her kids’ stuff. I am in the process of cleaning my attic so we are both in the perfect place to do this challenge.

I’ll be tweeting throughout the challenge at @craftingcathair with the hashtag #Minsgame. I’ll also have a master list of everything that will be out of my house by the end of the month.

Day 1: 1 old record player (off to be recycled at Best Buy)
Day 2: 2 old DirectTV boxes (off to be recycled at Best Buy)
Day 3: 3 almost empty rolls of wrapping paper (thrown away)
Day 4: 2 litter boxes (donated to cat shelter) + 2 Christmas decorations (donated to Goodwill)
Day 5: 2 lamps + 2 lampshades (they don’t match) + 1 plastic container (donated to Goodwill)
Day 6: 4 empty boxes (thrown away) + 2 books (to Goodwill)
Day 7: 7 DVDs (to Goodwill)
Day 8: 6 skeins of yarn (sold) + 2 throw pillows (to Goodwill)
Day 9: 1 skein of yarn (used) + 8 necklaces (to Goodwill)
Day 10: 9 skeins of yarn (sold) + 1 empty box (thrown away)
Day 11: 2 empty boxes (thrown away) + 6 skeins of yarn (returned) + 3 stickers (returned)
Day 12: 6 empty bottles (recycled) + 3 hairspray (thrown away) + 3 expired bottles (recycled)
Day 13: 13 cat toys (to shelter)
Day 14: 14 books (to clubhouse)
Day 15: 15 books (to clubhouse)
Day 16: 13 skeins of yarn (sold) + 3 throw blankets (to Goodwill)
Day 17: 17 magazines (to library)
Day 18: 18 books (to used bookstore)
Day 19: Flu
Day 20: Flu
Day 21: Flu
Day 22: Flu
Day 23: Flu
Day 24: Flu
Day 25: Flu
Day 26: 26 magazines (to library)
Day 27: 15 items returned (to Michaels) + 5 items returned (to Macys) + 7 items returned (to ACMoore)
Day 28: 28 items (from drawer thrown away)
Day 29: 29 books (to used bookstore)
Day 30: 30 papers & pamphlets (thrown away)
Day 31: 31 books (to used bookstore)

Update: I think I did pretty well. I did get the flu halfway through the month and was completely out of commission for a week, but I got rid of a bunch of stuff. I still have one room and the attic to go.

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