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January 16, 2020

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Over the years I have used some great and some not so great cross stitch supplies. I thought it might be useful to include a list of some of my favorites. I’ll keep a running list under the About page in the Things I Love link.

DMC Embroidery Thread
I think this is the universal thread that everyone uses, and it works well for me. Plus, I have been collecting, sounds better than hoarding, this thread over the years, so I usually go to my stash first if I need a color for a project.

Q-Snap Frame
I love the Q Snap Quilting Frame that I picked up at Joann Fabric a few years ago. I prefer it to the embroidery hoop because the frame is thicker and gives me more to hold on to. Maybe I’ll buy myself a stand someday.

Pattern Holder
I really don’t know how I lived without this for so long. It has helped me so much, especially with keeping my place within the pattern. I was fortunate to have picked up one on Chicken Boots USA before they closed, but I have seen several on Etsy and Amazon.

Needle Minder
This is another notion that I don’t know how I cross stitched for so long without. It is basically a magnet that holds your needle in place on your cross stitch project. It is super simple and super helpful. I picked up mine from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. They make really cute wooden ones. I need to stock up on a few more.

Linen Fabric
For years I used the 14 count Aida fabric you could find at any craft store, and it works fine for me, but then I bought some 36 count linen online and have been forever hooked. I still use the craft store fabric, but if it is anything super special or complicated I opt for the linen.

Online Shopping
I have bought many of my cross stitch supplies and patterns online, but my two absolutely favorite online shops are 123 Stitch and The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. 123 Stitch features a little bit of everything: patterns, kits, supplies, and notions. The Frosted Pumpkin primarily features patterns, but they do carry some fabric, kits and super cute neelde minders.

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