• How to Blog without Breaking the Bank – Extra: Make a Blog Button

    May 25, 2016

    Today we’ll be doing a pretty simple tutorial on how to make a button for your blog.Blog buttons are all over the sidebars of blogs everywhere. They are especially great because they are free advertising! Check out my last How to Blog without Breaking the Bank post to see the different free photo editing programs…

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  • How to Blog without Breaking the Bank – Part 3: Embellish A Blog

    May 23, 2016

    So you have chosen your platform, set up your domain name, and figured out which template design is perfect for your blog. Now you are ready to add some bling to your blog. Social Media Icons Social media icons are on every blog and website. If you purchased or downloaded a template social media icons…

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  • How to Blog Without Breaking the Bank – Part 2: Design A Blog

    May 16, 2016

    By now you have decided which blog platform you are going to use and whether you are purchasing your own domain name or not. It is now time to think about the design of your blog. For the sake of this lesson we are going to use Blogger as the blogging platform, but you can…

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  • How to Blog Without Breaking the Bank – Part 1: Start A Blog

    May 9, 2016

    So you have decided to start a blog. Awesome! You’ve worked hard on narrowing down your idea, your name, and your blog topic. You can’t wait to get writing, but you really don’t want to spend a ton of money to get started. I’m here to tell you that you don’t need a ton of…

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  • Blog Mission Statement

    May 2, 2016

    For over a week my internet connection has been spotty, to say the least. My neighborhood is getting AT&T Fiber, which is great but has been causing some grumbling from all of my neighbors. You don’t realize just how much you rely on the internet until it is gone. It is nice to unplug for…

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  • How to Blog without Breaking the Bank

    April 10, 2016

    When I started blogging way back in 2006, it wasn’t as complicated as it appears today. I just chose a blogging platform, which was free, a blog name, and started writing. No one really told me what to do or not to do. I figured a lot out on my own. But today everyone has…

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